Skincare x Video experience

Step 1,

Open your Vana box:

Your Vana box includes the skincare for your facial treatment and other accessories to enhance your experience.

Step 2,

Prepare & Relax:

  • Find somewhere quiet and relaxing to sit or lay down where you can use your phone, tablet, or computer hands free

  • Empty the contents of the box & remove protective seals on skincare

  • If you are not doing your facial near a sink or in the bath, have 2 bowls of warm water nearby

Step 3,


Scan the QR code provided and press play. You can do this by opening your phone's camera app and simply pointing your phone at the QR square.

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Are the videos in each facial experience different?

Each Facial experience is paired with its own unique video and accessories

How much product does each facial experience come with?

There is enough Vana skincare product in each experience to do 2-3 treatments

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The Big Night In


Oooooh Child it has been a week, or a rough five minutes, or maybe it hasn't- and you are a queen and you deserve to treat yourself. We're onboard with that!

Fine lines and wrinkles? We're shunning them!


Our calming cleanser and microdermabrasion scrub work to deepen the "zen" and polish away imperfections. An enzyme glow mask, hydrating toner and deep sea mineral cream to banish the signs of aging and hydrate the skin.

Love, by the time we're done with you, we are going to have you calmer than a cucumber and aging in reverse.

You are so welcome.

60 CAD

The Big Night In Facial

A calming & hydrating facial treatment to reduce the appearance of inflammation & imperfections, to help soften the skin and combat the signs of aging.

The Big Night Out


The BNO.

So its t-24 hrs until the big event and you need that complexion of yours looking flawless. First dates, weddings, photo shoots, don't you worry honey, we are going to tighten those pores and get that skin glistening.

Acids to slough off dead skin cells and clear those pores OUTTT. Clay mask to tighten the pores and eliminate regularities. Brightening and hydrating serum to make you glow brighter than that 5 carat diamond that you deserve.

Knock 'em dead sweetie.


An energizing treatment to smooth the complexion, reduce the appearance of pores, and reveal a radiant glow and flawless look. 

Stay Tuned!
For The Girls



Hide yo kids, hide yo wives the girls are coming and they are looking flawless! 

Girls night, oh baby we have you covered. Bring out the bubbles and lets get that skin shining.

Gentle ingredients designed to be suitable for all skin types, because, lets be honest nothing ruins a party like an allergic reaction.

Soothing, hydrating, protecting, the gangs all here.

Cheers babies to good times and even better skin!

girls having fun

Gentle, hydrating, calming, and age-defying. A treatment suitable for everyone.

Stay Tuned!
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