What does Vana mean?

Everyone has been asking what "Vana" means. And to be honest, there isn't one simple answer. To us, the name Vana stems from the word "Nirvana". Nirvana simply means "a place or state characterized by freedom from or oblivion to pain, worry, and the external world." Our Vana experiences give this sense of release, igniting your senses, and escaping from the everyday BS.

But there are so many other origins of the word Vana as well.

Vana means fulfillment in African.

Vana means forests in Hinduism.

Vana refers to a habit in Swedish.

There are several derivable forms of Vana stemming from Indo-European languages too.

Vana can refer to a sound or noise, a fountain or spring, a ray of light, to make smile, or even the act of living.

With all these unrelated definitions floating around in the world, we invite you to find your own definition of Vana.


The Vana Team