Cream, or Foam, or Uhmm?

Okay. There are SO many cleansers out there. Moisturizing, calming, cream, foaming, purifying, medicated... The list goes on. So how do you choose the right one?

Ultimately, it is not the method of delivery that makes the difference. It's what is actually IN your cleanser that is going to either make or break(out) that beautiful face of yours. If you aren't sure what type of skin you have, you are not alone. Experimenting with different cleansers is not a bad thing! However, you do want to give each cleanser some time to work its magic through consistent use and proper application. This means using each product consistently for a few week (aim for 4-6, unless you have a reaction). Also, you want to allow the cleanser to CLEANSE! You wouldn't throw your clothes in the wash for ten seconds and call it clean, would you? Give your skin the cleaning that it needs by using your cleanser for approximately 60 seconds.

For us ladies out there, we know that our skin sometimes changes when it's that time of the month. Our cycles sometimes like to make their presence known on our faces. It is okay to have specific products added into your routine from time to time, but remember... Consistency is key!

Everyone's skin is different and everyone's skin is beautiful. Let us know what your favourite cleansers have been!

xoxo Vana