Who are we?

We are Vana Skincare.

A Canadian Company that believes in cruelty-free products & cutting through the confusion in skincare.

We want to bring the spa to you!

We create targeted at-home facials that are accompanied with a relaxing video to show you how to use your products.  

Our Mission

To transform the product experience by using connective & curated video tutorials 

To combine mental health and self care and be a pioneer in this space.

We will give a portion of the proceeds to mental health research & charities especially in the anxiety & depression space.

To continually source the safest, most effective products with minimal impacts on the environment

To cut through the confusion in skincare & provide you with relevant, clear, and scientifically sound information

To raise you up, to give you a well deserved moment for you, and to encourage you to  

L O V E  Y O U R S E L F



What is 


Vana comes from the word Nir-vana. which can represent a state of perfect happiness or the absence of suffering.

In Swedish Vana is a habit, experience, or practice & in some languages it means forest.

We film videos to pair with our skincare in the upmost connective, relaxing, and instructional manner to allow for the ultimate form of bliss and stress relief.

This is what we call Vana.